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Get Involved

Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador

Help Us Recruit the Best and Brightest

The Office of Alumni Relations and Office of Admissions have partnered to bring the Baker experience firsthand to new and prospective students through the Alumni Ambassador program. Alumni will be matched with newly admitted and prospective students who have similar interests or live in the same area. This outreach is one more opportunity to demonstrate Baker’s strong sense of community and pride in the university.
Alumni Admissions Ambassadors can share their time, resources, and talent in several ways:
  • Send postcards to new and prospective students.
  • Participate in admissions programs such as alumni networking events and regional panels.
  • Create a video testimonial about their Baker experience.
  • Refer students through the Alumni Referral Scholarship program.
Alumni Admissions Ambassadors

Tim Dorr, ’64

What a great experience being an Alumni Admissions Ambassador has been all these years after graduating from Baker. And everything I needed to participate was provided to me, so it cost me just my time. I’m glad to have helped in my little way.

Jillian Miller, ’15

I chose to become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador because I loved my Baker experience, and I want to encourage others to create their own amazing and memorable Baker experience. View video.


Hannah Schaake, ’13,
MSSL ’19

Writing postcards for incoming students brought back all the memories and emotions of when I was getting ready to head to Baker for freshman year. It made me really reflect on the impact Baker has had on my life and the wonderful friendship I’ve made through the Baker grapevine. It was an easy way to support Baker that has given me so much!


Emi (Kniffin) Simmons, ’17

Simply put, I became an AAA because I want all students—prospective, admitted, or enrolled—to know they are welcome and wanted at Baker University. Plus, Baker gave so much to me, and writing postcards is the least I can do to give back!


Aaron Whittle, BBA ’19

I decided to be an AAA because Baker University is family oriented, and we are all one family. No matter if you are an incoming freshman or a 50-year alumni, we all are part of the Wildcat family. I want to be involved with something great, and Baker is great!

Update Your Info & Share Your News

At Baker, we care about what’s going on in your life, and so do your former classmates and professors. Did you get a new job? Start your own business? Earn another degree? Did you get married or welcome a baby to the family? We want to know.

See what your fellow Wildcats have been doing since moving the tassel.

two men shaking hands Four alumni enjoying homecoming.

The Baker University Alumni Association is highlighting alumni-owned businesses to boost online and local support. Fill out this form to be included in our list of nationwide businesses that the Baker alumni community can support.

Become a Mentor to a CAS Undergrad Student

The parMentor organization is a long-standing and distinct Baker University tradition. 
Its name is derived from historic Parmenter Hall.

Alumni Advisory Council

The Baker University Alumni Advisory Council serves all Baker alumni and current students.


Annual Volunteer Opportunity in Kansas City

In what’s becoming a regular event, Baker alumni and current students volunteer at Harvesters Community Food Network to serve the regional food bank that provides food and household products to emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, and children’s homes.

Harvesters 2022Harvesters 2022

Harvesters 2022

Provide Internship Opportunities for Baker Students

Baker has shaped who you are today. So you understand the qualities Baker develops in a young person and the qualities a Baker graduate brings to the workplace.
Make a Difference

Could you or your company provide a Baker student valuable internship experience or advance the career of a graduate just starting out? This not only benefits the job seeker, but also provides an opportunity for your company or organization to identify promising new talent and gain the skills Baker is known for.

Think Baker First

If you’re in a position to help a fellow Wildcat, please let us know how you can share your knowledge and resources by contacting Baker’s Office of Career Services.

Mackenzie Chinn, Sunflower State Games Internship

Mackenzie Chinn, Sunflower State Games

Luca Janssen, Midwest Foreign Policy Institute Internship

Luca Janssen, Midwest Foreign Policy Institute

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