Alumni Advisory Council

Alumni Advisory Council

A Strategic Link in Baker’s Stability & Growth

By engaging alumni in University activities, helping alumni connect with one another and promoting philanthropic activities, the Advisory Council is a strategic link in Baker’s stability and growth.

Advisory Council activities include sponsoring the annual Alumni Weekend Awards, which are given to outstanding alumni and friends of the University. In addition, the Advisory Council selects deserving Baker students to receive scholarship grants, made possible through the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

New Council members are selected each year at the annual May meeting. Members include alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, School of Nursing, and the School of Education.

If you would like to join this dynamic, interesting group, please send a cover letter and your resume to the Office of Alumni Relations. P.O. Box 65, Baldwin City, Kansas 66006-0065.

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Samantha (Woodward) Shores, ’12
Tim Burkindine
Tim Burkindine, ’71
Jan (Sherman) Correll
Jan (Sherman) Correll, ’72
Ben Harp
Ben Harp, ’14
Chad O’Bryhim
Chad O’Bryhim, ’09
Darcey (Nance) O’Bryhim
Darcey (Nance) O’Bryhim, ’10
Paul Shores
Paul Shores, ’13
Thom Sutherland
Thom Sutherland, ’81
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Kate (Badenoch) White, ’04

Vision & Objectives

1. To facilitate and encourage a continuing affiliation with the University by the members of the Alumni Association.

2. To provide opportunities for scholarship assistance by the Alumni Association to students of the University, and to lead the selection process for recipients of University Alumni Weekend Awards.

3. To facilitate and encourage philanthropic activities in the name of the University by members of the Alumni Association.

A. Continuing Affiliation The Alumni Association will continue to be affiliated with the Alumni Office of the University, but will attempt to maintain and promote a separate identity. The Association will increase its efforts to promote itself to current BU students through such programs as a student alumni association, a senior salute activity, contacts with incoming freshmen during their orientation and other activities as the Board directs. The Association will solicit the help of interested SPGS and School of Nursing alumni to attempt to get more participation by current SPGS and SON students and alumni in the Association. The Association will encourage better communication with and between its members by developing its own section of the BU Web site and by working with the Alumni and Advancement Offices to help its members keep in touch with their peers. The Association Events Committee will work with the appropriate University personnel to plan and conduct social events that will appeal to Association members as worthy of their participation. The purpose of this objective is to encourage interaction between Association members.
B. Scholarships & Awards The Association will enhance its efforts to provide merit-based Alumni Association Scholarships to BU students through increased financial grants and/or scholarships awarded in varying amounts from the Association. It will cooperate with the University Advancement Office regarding such efforts. As a part of its philanthropic objectives, the Association will work toward establishing a mechanism by which worthy Service Learning projects proposed by BU students can receive the funding needed for their success. The Association will lead the selection process for recipients of University awards to be given during Alumni Weekend. In this process, the Association will work closely with University representatives, including the President, to assure the quality and appropriateness of the selections made.
C. Philanthropy The Association will require that its Board members participate in, and will offer the opportunity to its other members to participate in, at least one outside community philanthropic activity each year, in the name of the Association. The Board will determine what activities will be offered and when they will take place. The Association will encourage community engagement and service learning activities by BU students by providing (offering) financial grants that meet approved criteria. The Board will determine the selection process for such project funding.

Undergraduate Scholarship

The 2024-25 deadline has passed. We will open applications again in March 2025.
We all know how college expenses take a hefty toll on the wallet, so why not take a bit of stress off of your pocketbook? Apply for the Alumni Advisory Council Undergraduate Scholarship! If you know a deserving undergraduate student on one of our campuses, be sure to direct him or her to this page to apply for the scholarship. Please keep a deserving student in mind for this scholarship.

1. All applicants must maintain satisfactory academic progress. (Applicants with a cumulative GPA below 2.50 will not be considered.)

2. All applicants must be undergraduate students enrolled at the Baldwin City campus, School of Nursing campus, or enrolled in the associate or accelerated bachelor’s program at any SPGS campus (including online programs). Students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program are not eligible for this scholarship. Contact the Alumni Office if you have questions at

3. If you have already been a recipient of the Alumni Advisory Council Scholarship, you are not eligible to receive it again.

Applications are due by noon, Friday, April 19, 2024. Late applications will not be considered.

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Office of Alumni Relations

P.O.Box 65 Baldwin City, KS 66006

785.594.4799 | 888.781.2586