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Allie Howland

Although I grew up in nearby Lawrence, Kansas, Baker was my home for the last four years and served as the perfect environment to nurture my growth and development. I am thankful for all the friends I gained along the way.

I’m grateful for a school that has a supportive faculty. It has shaped me into the person I am today, never failing to help me be as successful as I can be. I will always be thankful for the chance to continue dancing after high school by being a part of the Baker dance team.

Throughout my time at Baker, I had the opportunity to gain confidence in my ability to be a leader and to accomplish things I might not have believed I could before.

Certainly, Dr. Todden, Dr. Hemingson, and Dr. Holt in the Exercise Science Department had a big impact on my growth and development. They changed me as a student and as a person. They led me in the right direction and prepared me to succeed in occupational therapy school after graduating from Baker.

I am fortunate to have received several scholarships to make my dream of attending Baker a reality, including the Honors Scholarship for academics, the Markham Dean’s Scholarship, and the Mildred Hunt Riddle Scholarship awarded to exercise science students. Also, I received the Kansas Independent College Fund Maud Wyatt Recognition Scholarship, awarded to students of private colleges in Kansas who demonstrate leadership, character, attention to academic excellence, and an appreciation of the impact private education has had on their life.

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