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Swogger Foundation

Little did Glenn Swogger Sr., 1915, know when he studied on Baker University’s campus over a century ago that he was laying the foundation for a legacy of learning in the 21st century. Swogger, who was a co-owner of the Kaw Valley State Bank in 1920 with his father, J. S. Swogger, retired in 1982 as its president and chairman at the age of 86.

Glenn valued his education at Baker and shared that love of learning with his wife, Isabel Sutherin Swogger, children Dr. Glenn Swogger Jr., John Houghton Swogger, and Sylvia Swogger Sheldon, as well as with his numerous grandchildren.

In 1985, Glenn Sr., established the Swogger Foundation, which is now overseen by his son Dr. Glenn Swogger Jr. and granddaughters Jennifer Doucet and Anne-Liesl Swogger. In October 2018, a $1.2 million gift to Baker University from the Swogger Foundation honoring Glenn Sr. established the Swogger Foundation Humanities Professorship and the Primary Texts Endowment Fund to help Baker students develop their critical thinking skills.

Glenn Jr. is a retired psychiatrist and current trustee of the Swogger Foundation. He believes teaching students original works by important writers and thinkers, rather than having them read secondary sources, is vital.

“It provides students with nuances and depth only the original works can provide,” Glenn Jr. said. He also thinks his father would agree that learning from the original works of the masters prepares a more well-rounded student.

Because of Glen Swogger Sr.’s experience at Baker University, the Swogger Foundation remains committed to providing a unique liberal arts education to future generations of Baker students.

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