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Keeping it in the Baker family

Family ties have contributed to the success of Baker University for more than 150 years. As your children, grandchildren, or other family members consider their college options, we want to make sure they consider becoming a Baker Wildcat.

The Office of Admissions has created an online form to make it easy to refer a family member or friend.

“Our admissions team would love to contact your future Wildcat to let them know about academic and student life at Baker and visit opportunities,” said Doug Barth, ’91, director of alumni relations, “so we need their contact information.”

You Are Critical to Baker’s Success

Alumni involvement in the college admissions process is critical to ensuring Baker’s success.

“By letting us know about your family members, you’re helping us pass on Baker’s legacy of excellence to the next generation,” said Cassy Bailey, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management. “You’re opening the door to a Baker education.”

In addition to making referrals, alumni can provide references for prospective students, serve as mentors, provide valuable insight into the college experience, and help them navigate the admissions process.

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